Friday, April 20, 2007

Century Tuna Superbods: Kalbo overload

I just, ehem, stumbled into the Century Tuna Superbods website, and nagulat ako sa aking nakita, at ang daming kasaling kalbo this year. To those who do not know, I have this thing for kalbo guys, maybe dahil kalbo din ako. Well, I just like the whole bad boy look.

Oh well, I am rooting for these 2 guys:

Alizon Andres (M01)

well. Siya si Alizon, he is 21, 5'10", and he is a budding actor and commercial model, nakaklase din siya ng isa kong frie
nd sa acting workshop sa abs. If he looks afamiliar its because he's also the guy in those alaxan ads. I love the facial hair and eyebrows. Grrrrr...

Sylvester Sagad (M12)

From what I read and researched about this guy, he is from QC, sa north susana village sa fairview. ayan ha, yung mga baklang gusto mang stalk, dun niyo siya hanapin. He is 6'3" (mas matangkad pa sa bf ko). I just love his chest ad his eyes are to .. well... basta I want him.

To see the other guys in the contest, checkout their official website:

Support these guys by voting:

For GLOBE & TM: Download a tip (Diet, Exercise, Calorie Count) & vote for your favorite candidate.

Each tip is equivalent to 1 raffle entry. Just text in CT
(ex: CT M01) and send to 2922

For SMART: Just text in CT
(ex: CT M12) and send to 2922.


Mad Dino said...

Crush ko rin si Alizon Andres! Tingnan mo yung folder niya sa Pinoypride, Mckee.

mckee said...

ako, parang mas gusto ko yung SAGAD eh.. pero mukhang ang dami na votes ni Alizon!