Saturday, May 19, 2007 bible loves Gays

I came across this website that uses biblical passages para ipagtanggol ang homosexuality and homosexual relationships. Sobrang interesting. and they have banners like these. I checked them out and totoo naman. What do you think. click on the pic to go to their website.

Why i LOVE bigbrother

Sana pati yung mga PBB housemates me kuha ng ganito. Sana si Mickey. I miss watching my PBB. Sorry sa lack of posts been too busy lately.

James Franco aka GOBLIN (spiderman 3) tied and in his UNDIES!


Download the new MADONNA single HEY YOU for free!


Its true! MSN Australia is offering a limited download time of maddie's new single HEY YOU for 7 days, so, act fast mga bakla! download na, plus its guilt free because it's legal. The single is produced by maddie and pharrell.