Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Issue with Zieke and Dionne

I was watching the 24x7 feeds of Pbb2 on YouTube and I stumbled upon a vid of Zieke wearing women's clothes, and him being called as Imelda. As I read the comments of the video, I realized that this was a sort of punishment for him coz he's "MEAN" to the girls in the house, apparently, the viewers of PBB2 have different opinions about this. check the comments below: My personal thoughts at the end of the thread.

acrocks007 (14 hours ago)
mark, bakit ganon? why does it have t obe zeke? he was just plying along with dionne... it was dionne who started it all... bakit siya kailangan mag ka task ng ganyan? double standard... ano naman ang parusa kay dionne?

markzchannel3 (13 hours ago)
dunno yung kay dionne... diba harsh si zeke sa girls.. the way he talks to them... kaya cguro ganyan pinagawa sa kanya... to realize na women aren't treated that way... pero the real reason, i dunno pa..

joyce8lien (10 hours ago)
yeah you're right there... sobrang insensitive kasi ni Zeke sa mga girls.. so dapat lang parusahan sya ng ganyan hehehe.. sana lahat ng lalaki puedeng parusahan ng pareho kay Zeke ano.. masaya siguro kaming mga babae hehe thanks for uploading..

tattibz4lyf (9 hours ago)
yes Kuya wants Zeke to learn the Filipino culture in treating women. Hopefully, Zeke gets it.

pogi7788 (6 hours ago)
What does that mean? U mean to say that men in the Philippines treats women better than abroad? I think that's a harsh generalization. I find that women in the Philippines are more subordinate to their husbands/bf's compare to the US or Canada. Subordination is not better at all.

My two cents. It is obvious, the way dionne flirted with zieke, sabi nga ni zieke, it takes two to tango, and furthermore, zieke just tells it as he sees it, no BS. Should he be punished coz he's just telling the truth? At tandaan din natin na si Dionne ay may BF. Nakalimutan ba niyang there are hundreds of cameras inside the hose? Feeling ba niya hindi makakarating yun sa BF nya?


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