Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nokia N95: First Peek at My Dream Phone (Well, aside from the IPhone)

I have always been a nokia fan, ever since I grasped my first Nokia phone: my yellow 5110. Oh how I loved it!. There was the easy to use Navi-key, with just one browse of its brochure, you already know how to fiddle around it. Then there was the snake. All other phone owners would ogle with the fact that you had snake. It was heaven. Then, there was the personalized operator logos. I remember that I used to change my Op-logos every week to impress my friends and classmates. Ahhh... those were the days when telephony was simple. When all you can do with a gsm phone, is call, text and play snake. Those days are long-gone.

Introducing the latest and most advanced nokia phone: The N95. Just hearing it gives me goose-bumps. It has a 5-megapixel camera, with Carl-Zeiss optics of course( The same ones they use with those high-end Sony digital cameras). Just think of it, the camera itself is better than my old digicam. Gawd! It can take DVD quality videos (840x480(?)), HSDPA, EDGE (hi-speed internet), Wi-Fi (When ur in Starbucks, you can use their wireless connection for even faster surfing), A Dual slider, where you can slide it both weays to reveal an alpha-numeric keypad or dedicated media keys, and of course, 3g video conferencing and live streaming. It has everything but the kitchen sink, below I have provided pics of the unboxing, so techies enjoy!(thanks to for the pics. click here for the full story)

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