Sunday, April 29, 2007

Funny Commercial: 1 out of 10 Men is Gay

Hey, after a week na sobrang busy, I am here again to post whatever it is that is interesting in the web. Kahit ano na gusto ko (at hopefully kayo din) ay andito, plus my own opinions and views of course, because after all, this is my blog, so haters, don't hate, I am here to share and not fight.

Ang babaho ng trip nyo. Hahahaha.

Magsimula tayo dito. from YouTube comes isang commercial na ipinapakita kung gaano lang talaga ka-insecure ang straight guys. They recently came across this article na sinasabing 10% daw of men are gay, tapos just wait and see how they react to it. Really funny. Such a gas. Oh they are so pulling my leg. It sends guffaws down my spine.

Yun na.

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